Joyride Collective

How Joyride Works

We are all connected.

Our planet’s problems and solutions are all interconnected.

There is an easier, more joyful way to amplify our individual impact.


Make your global impact with three easy steps:


1. Join the Ride

For $13 a month – the price of one fancy cocktail – you subscribe to a global giving circle where our investments are pooled and our impact is amplified. Watch your $13 grow to $13 million a month as our tribe grows to 1 million members!

2. Go on a Journey

We take you on a journey each year through a series of interconnected solutions where no matter what issue(s) you care about the most, you see how every issue is connected. Its the easiest and most joyful way to give with purpose.

3. See your impact

Following this roadmap, we will create a massive domino effect of results with lasting change. We’ll report back to you every month letting you know the impact our community had that you made happen!


Join the Joyride Collective Founding Membership

As a founding member, you will receive a myriad of perks, help test drive all of our upcoming features, and know that you are part of the groundswell of real, lasting change.

The first 1,000 members to join receive lifetime VIP status, a KINDCULT branded necklace denoting your Joyride member number, 500 points to use towards discounts with our partner companies, volunteer travel experiences, and a myriad of other perks.

Our individual power is in the collective.

Join us and be part of the solution.