Influencer Marketing: How? Why? And is it right for your brand?

Influencer Marketing presentation by Lousy title slide

Influencer marketing is currently a $4.5 billion industry and is projected to be a $10 billion industry by 2020. Plus, it’s touted as being a highly effective way to market to millennials. This session unpacks how influencer marketing works, why it’s so popular and gives you insight into whether or not it’s right for your brand.

In this presentation we explore how to:

  • Identify the top influencers in your industry, and what makes them relevant

  • Understand how influencer marketing works, and the processes or work streams that support it

  • Know how much it costs and what to expect for your ROI

It’s chock-full of amazing findings, with some enlightening insight into the sweet spot of Micro-Influencers. For instance, “How much does it cost per post to get the most bang for my influencer buck?” You’d be surprised to discover reletavely little. Especially when you consider the returns. A micro-influencer with 10k followers has a 30% better return on investment as compared to an influencer with 250k followers. So we’re throwing around numbers like…

How much does a post from an Instagram influencer cost?

Believe me. I really didn’t want this to be a thing. But the findings are game changing, and should be seriously considered.

Influencer Marketing: Is it worth it? 2019 Stats.

This was a really fun presentation to research and present, and it’s built off some work we recently did researching the online behaviors of Generation Z (another great presentation!) which culminated in a revised approach to how we design for that up-and-coming generation.

If you missed the Influencer Marketing presentation you can get a copy of if on Lousy’s SlideShare – along with a few others, but it will be 10,000 times better if you see me present - as I don’t add speakers notes to my slides and they get a bit hard to follow. I’ll be giving it again in Raleigh, NC at the Internet Summit, and at the upcoming Digital Summit Dallas. Check the events page to see if I’ll be in your town, or give me a shout and we can schedule a “screening”.

Michael Salamon